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Tuesdays at 9 pm
FunkShop TV is based on the urban music industry around the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro areas.  Talk about upcoming events, current news, put people on blast and interviews with the who’s who of the local entertainment scene and abroad.

Fridays at 6:30 pm
Busting Fear
We expose the psychopathic systems that limit your ability to explore your divine purpose which has no limits. Discover your divine purpose and release your fear.

Fridays at 9 pm
Join our live call-in show with Adrian, Kevin and Bobby Lee ®.  Featured are live music, local guests and scintillating conversation.

Every Other Saturday 9 pm
Bartending 101 With Drunks
Call in and play Stump The Gomez while Luke and Adrian mix drinks and talk about interesting topics with their guests.

They are also available anytime by clicking Online Videos in the menu and looking for the ones you want.

Operate a studio camera, help out in the engineers booth, be on stage!
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Underground Live
Underground Live - Streamed live Fridays at 9:00pm!!

Busting Fear Ad
Busting Fear - Streamed live Fridays at 6:30pm!!

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