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Fort Vancouver Public Access TV Needs Your Help!
Fort Vancouver Community Television needs donations (tax deductable)


Come on down, be on TV and/or make a donation to keep us alive!
Our goal is $15,000. It's Tax Deductible!

Do you want your business on TV?
For every $100 you donate, you get 1 minute of film time,
ie, you get an infomercial about your business that we will air on our station.

To make a donation, please contact us via

We have a
FaceBook Page!!

Producers! If you leave anything on the courtesy drives here at the studio, please make sure you have a copy of your own! These drives get wiped clean the first of every month!! Thank you!!

If you need help converting your media to the proper MPEG2 format for broadcasting, please feel free to contact these outside contractors:

(some fees may apply)
(Click links for email)

Also, we would love to have small clips anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes to put on the air. We will play those for FREE!! Bring 'm on Down!
John B. > 360-903-7198
Patric G. > 503-367-1177

FVTV front of Studio

FVTV Studio Shuffle

Empty Set - Waiting for YOU!!

Empty Engineers Booth - Waiting for YOU!!