Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you not playing XYZ's show anymore?
    GOOD NEWS! We now have the ability to stream your favorite shows on this website! Click on ONLINE VIDEOS and watch whenever you want! This offers you archived shows and new releases on demand. We will be contacting more of our past producers to have them post their stuff on our online videos. You won't have to miss anything!
  2. Why did you go streaming?
    We felt that streaming would be a great asset to our viewers to have the option to stream or watch on TV. Streaming allows you to watch both new and archived programs at your convenience.
  3. Now that you are no longer the designated public access provider for the county, what will you do?
    We will continue to serve Clark County as a public access station. We feel that it is important that the community has a non-biased platform to speak from, to educate and inform the public on current and future events. For more information, please contact us.
  4. The county said that your station needed a few changes. What have you done about that?
    We have been actively making great changes at FVTV. We have changed/added variety to the programming content and have gotten many positive responses. We are growing our board of directors so we have more active particaption in the station. We have developed a marketing department. We have procured a new location that will better serve the community. We are heading into the future with a bright new business plan and vision. We invite anyone and everyone to join us in our new vision and grow with us.